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The Wonderful World of Pinterest

The Wonderful World of Pinterest

What is it?

We're pretty sure everyone has heard of Pinterest but in this selfie driven world, many are swayed toward the Insta side. You're missing out!

Pinterest, as the name suggests, allows you to 'pin' your interests to a kind of online mood board. You can be as eclectic as you wish and you can even make your board public, to share your thoughts, themes and inspiration with others.

How is it of any use?

At Ralph Bentley HQ, we find ourselves dipping in to the Pinterest pool in an ad-hoc way. It's a great place to find inspiration for a project or for your home DIY plans. You can search by keywords, to find other items that people have 'pinned' and build up your own mood board for say your kitchen or that dark and slightly scary spare room you've been avoiding for the past year.

Pinterest is also great for fashion tips (and cooking but we'll come to that later). You can search by things like 'mens style' or 'summer fashion' and you'll be presented with literally hundreds of images, all relating to the latest styles and themes. Browse through and re-pin the items you like, to build your own board, all safely stored in your Pinterest account. 

Want to jazz up meal times and do something more exciting in the kitchen on a damp and drizzly Saturday afternoon? Check out the latest 'recipe' pins before heading to the shops to stock up on ingredients. There's an incredibly wide selection of simple recipes, with affordable ingredients. So whether you're on a health kick or you just want to bake some unusual cakes for a family get together, get creating your Pinterest boards right now! 

Find 'inspirational' products, at

Once you've started putting together your mood boards, for which ever room or fashion style you're going for. You're likely to be able to find many of the accessories right here at Ralph Bentley.

Although we don't have much in the way of core ingredients for a cake, we do have over 2,000 products suitable for clothing, home accessories or personalised gifts for the gifting season. From Christmas to Easter, Summer to Autumn, you can be sure to find something exciting at

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